Horizon Community Services

HCS Partners with Volunteering Gold Coast for Community Impact

HCS Team

In a monumental stride towards creating positive change and empowering lives, HCS is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with Volunteering Gold Coast. This partnership brings together HCS, a dedicated NDIS Provider, and Volunteering Gold Coast, a trusted Transport & Community Service Provider. The shared mission? To make a profound difference and foster positive impact within our community.

A Fusion of Purpose and Passion

At the heart of this collaboration is a deep-seated commitment to improving lives. HCS and Volunteering Gold Coast have united their strengths and expertise to open doors to new possibilities and brighter futures. With a joint vision that encapsulates empowerment, transformation, and community upliftment, this partnership promises to leave an indelible mark on the lives it touches.

Thanking a Visionary Leader

A special shout-out goes to Mr. George Thie, The General Manager – Operations and Partnership of Volunteering Gold Coast. His unwavering belief in the power of collaboration has been the driving force behind the productive meeting that paved the way for this alliance. Mr. Thie’s dedication to the community and his foresight have laid the foundation for a journey of impactful change.

Empowerment in Action

The partnership between HCS and Volunteering Gold Coast is more than a collaboration; it’s a firm commitment to driving positive change. With a shared mission to make a meaningful impact, these entities are lighting up a path of hope and empowerment within the community. As they move forward, the message is crystal clear: Embrace change, empower lives, and be part of a larger purpose.

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