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Horizon Community Services: Nurturing Independence, Enriching Lives – Together.

In the realm of Social and Community Support, where the threads of compassion and assistance weave together to form a robust safety net, the significance of community support services for the elderly and those with disabilities becomes paramount. Recognising the unique needs and challenges that these individuals face, the emphasis on fostering an environment that caters to their well-being is crucial.

Horizon Community Services stands as an exemplar among providers in this field, seamlessly blending expertise and empathy to deliver unparallelled community support services for the elderly and those with disabilities. Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of both NDIS participants and Home Care Package clients, Horizon Community Services excels in crafting tailored solutions that address the multifaceted dimensions of our well-being. With a deep understanding of the requirements of individuals with disabilities and seniors, the organisation stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward inclusivity and empowerment. 


What is included in Social and Community Support?

In the realm of NDIS Social and Community Support, services are tailored to cater to diverse needs, with a special focus on community support services for disability. Horizon Community Services excels in providing comprehensive assistance. Here’s what’s included:

In-Home Assistance: Offering essential daily living assistance within the comfort of one’s home for increased independence.

Social Engagement programmes: Facilitating community connections to combat isolation and promote a sense of belonging.

Transportation Services: Ensuring seamless mobility for elderly and disabled individuals to access essential community resources.

Respite Care: Provides the participant with an opportunity to enjoy quality time away from home, offering the chance for relaxation, vacations, or trips with their loved ones or carers.

Skill Development Initiatives: Empowering individuals with disabilities through targeted skill-building activities for increased self-sufficiency.
Assistive Technology Integration: Utilising innovative tools to enhance accessibility and independence for individuals with diverse needs.

Emergency Support: Implementing contingency plans and emergency assistance strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in times of crisis. 


Benefits Of Opting For Social and Community Support

Holistic Well-being: Access to tailored community support services ensures the holistic well-being of the elderly and people with disabilities, addressing physical, emotional, and social needs.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Community access to NDIS services contributes to an improved quality of life, fostering a sense of purpose and belonging.

Individualised Care Plans: Community support services for the elderly and people with disabilities, provided by Horizon Community Services, involve personalised care plans that cater to the unique health and lifestyle requirements of each elderly individual.

Community Access Health Initiatives: Horizon Community Services integrates health-centric community access programmes, promoting preventive care and wellness for the elderly. 


Signs That Show You Need Social and Community Support

Isolation: Persistent feelings of loneliness and isolation, highlighting the necessity for community access and support to foster social connections.

Limited Mobility: Challenges in accessing community resources due to limited mobility, indicating the need for a community access point and assistance from support workers.

Declining Mental Health: Deteriorating mental well-being, evidenced by increased stress, anxiety, or depression, signalling the requirement for holistic access community based services.

Reduced Independence: A noticeable decline in daily living skills and independence.

Difficulty Engaging: Struggles to engage in social activities or connect with the community, suggesting the need for a community access point and the guidance of a community access support worker.

Health Challenges: Managing health conditions becomes overwhelming, necessitating specialised community support services to address health-related needs.


Why Choose Us?

Tailored Elderly Care: Horizon Community Services excels in providing specialised community support services for the elderly, recognising and addressing their unique needs with personalised care plans.

Comprehensive Disability Support: We stand out for our inclusive approach, offering community access support services that cater specifically to individuals with disabilities, promoting empowerment and inclusivity.

Dedicated Support Workers: Horizon Community Services prides on a team of dedicated community access support workers, ensuring individuals receive personalised assistance, fostering independence, and navigating disability-related challenges.

Proximity and Accessibility: With a commitment to serving communities effectively, Horizon Community Services ensures that our support services for the elderly are accessible, bridging the gap for individuals seeking assistance with “community support services near me”.

Flexible Service Delivery: Understanding the dynamic nature of individual needs, Horizon Community Services offers flexible community support services for the elderly.

Horizon Community Services emerges as a distinguished NDIS Social and Community Support provider, embodying excellence in community support services for the elderly, disability care, and community access, all delivered with a commitment to personalised, and inclusive sensitive care. 

Horizon Community Services:

Empower your loved ones with Horizon Community Services, your trusted partner in community support services for the elderly. Experience personalised care that enhances well-being and independence. Our dedicated team ensures compassionate assistance and community access disability solutions, fostering a supportive environment for every individual. Join us in creating a horizon of possibilities for the elderly, where every day is filled with care, dignity, and joy. 


Embrace the power of community connection & transform your life!

Unlock the power of community inclusion with Horizon Community Services (HCS), your trusted partner in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Darwin. Through our dedicated community access support services, we are committed to empowering individuals living with disabilities to actively participate in recreational activities, explore social opportunities, and enhance their overall independence. Experience the transformative impact of connecting with your local community as we work together to help you achieve your personal goals and improve your quality of life. 

What is Community Access Support?

Community access support services refer to programs designed to help individuals with disabilities or special needs participate in community activities and events. These services aim to enhance the quality of life of the participants and promote their social, emotional, and physical well-being.
Small children with senior grandparents and dog on a walk on meadow in nature.

Community Access Services at HCS

Our highly trained, passionate community access and support workers are dedicated to providing you with all the assistance you need to help improve your personal and social wellbeing.

Our social and community access support services include the following:

Transporting you to and from your place of work or gatherings with family and friends
Assistance with community events, sporting competitions, and skills development classes
Attending appointments
Accompanying participants on leisure activities
We do all this while maintaining a valuable community connection and promoting client independence. 

happy disabled school boy

Engaging Community Activities We Offer

At Horizon Community Services, we offer a wide range of engaging activities through our community access support services. Join us to:

Participate in lively Zumba sessions that will get you moving and grooving.

Unleash your creativity and explore your artistic side with our arts and crafts activities.

Enjoy delicious food and connect with others at our sausage sizzle events.

Show off your bowling skills and engage in friendly competition with fellow participants.

Embark on thrilling theme park day trips for an exciting adventure.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of community garden therapy and connect with nature.

Relax and unwind on fishing day trips, enjoying the serenity of the water.

Dress up and immerse yourself in a glamorous atmosphere at our gala nights.

Take in the scenic beauty and tranquility of a river cruise.

At Horizon Community Services, we believe in promoting social engagement, personal growth, and overall well-being. Our diverse range of activities allows you to discover new passions, create lasting memories, and connect with your community. Join us today and be part of the vibrant and enriching experiences we offer. 

Our Access Community Services Can Make a Difference

At Horizon Community Services (HCS), we are on a mission to open up more possibilities for our clients, providing personalised community access care that helps enhance their quality of life.

Over the years, we’ve worked with individuals living with disability and identified numerous benefits to engaging in community support and events. Find some of those positive outcomes below.

Participating in group activities and events can help individuals develop their social and communication skills, allowing them to connect with others and form friendships.
Engaging in recreational activities and sports can promote physical health and wellbeing, improving overall fitness and reducing the risk of health problems.
Community Access Support Services encourage individuals to take an active role in their communities, helping them to build confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of independence.
With the support of these services, individuals can access and participate in a wider range of community events and activities, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.