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Your Complex Care Journey, Simplified by Horizon Community Services.

Complex care services provide tailored support for individuals with complex care needs, addressing medical, behavioural, and social considerations. The complex care coordinator plays a crucial role in facilitating holistic care delivery.

Horizon Community Services is a top provider of NDIS complex care services. We are known for our person-centred approach and customised support that meets the unique needs of each participant. With a team of dedicated professionals, Horizon Community Services empowers individuals to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. 

What Is Included In Complex Care Services?

It includes tailored interventions for individuals with complex health challenges. These services include:

  • Specialised Support Plans: Customised plans designed to address the unique needs and goals of participants.
  • Complex Care Coordination: Dedicated coordination by professionals to ensure seamless delivery of services across various domains.
  • Personalised Health Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring to track health progress and make informed adjustments to care plans.
  • Behavioural Support: Strategies and interventions to manage challenging behaviours and promote positive outcomes.
  • Nursing Care: Skilled nursing services for complex medical needs and medication management. 

Benefits Of Opting Complex Care Services

It offers several benefits tailored to individuals requiring specialised support:

  • Comprehensive Support: Access to a wide range of services addressing multifaceted needs within the complex care framework.
    Enhanced Quality of Life: Support aimed at improving overall well-being, independence, and participation in daily activities.
  • Empowerment: Empowering individuals to actively participate in decision-making regarding their care and support options within the complex care services framework.
  • Improved Functionality: Provision of assistive technology and adaptive aids to enhance functional abilities and promote autonomy.
  • Seamless Transitions: Transitional support and advocacy assistance facilitate smooth transitions between services or living arrangements. 

Signs That Show You Need Complex Care Services

  • Multifaceted Health Challenges: Presence of complex and interrelated health issues requiring specialised care services.
  • Behavioural Complexity: Challenging behaviours that impact daily functioning, necessitating the expertise of complex care services.
  • Specialised Medical Needs: Individuals with intricate medical conditions demanding skilled nursing and medical management.
  • Assistance with Daily Living: Difficulty performing essential daily activities, indicating the need for tailored support within the complex care services framework.
  • Limited Independence: Struggling with daily tasks and reduced independence could signify the need for personalised care plans.
  • Complex Care Coordination: Challenges in coordinating diverse healthcare components, highlighting the necessity for a Complex Care Coordinator. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Continuous Support: Horizon Community Services is dedicated to offering continuous support, recognising that the complex care journey is ongoing and evolving.
  • Client-Centric Care: Our personalised approach prioritises individual needs and preferences, reflecting our commitment to delivering tailored complex care.
  • Expert Complex Care Coordinators: Our team is highly skilled and experienced in creating personalised care plans that meet individual needs within the complex care services framework.
  • Continuous Improvement: A commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Horizon Community Services remains at the forefront of best practises within the complex care services landscape, setting us apart as the preferred provider. 

Horizon Community Services:

Get personalised and comprehensive care for your well-being with Horizon Community Services’ Complex Care Services. Contact us today.


Horizon Community Services is your trusted provider of comprehensive complex care services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Darwin. Our experienced team is committed to delivering high-quality complex nursing care tailored to individuals with complex needs. We understand the unique challenges that individuals with complex care requirements face, and our goal is to provide compassionate support to enhance their quality of life. With Horizon Community Services, you can expect exceptional care and unwavering commitment to your well-being. 

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Our Nursing Services

Complex care refers to specialised nursing care provided to individuals with complex needs due to severe medical conditions, disabilities, or multiple co-existing health issues. It involves a comprehensive and holistic approach to address the unique challenges faced by these individuals. Our complex care services are designed to cater to their specific needs and promote their overall well-being. 

Who is Eligible for Complex Care Services?

Our complex care services are available for individuals with complex needs residing in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Darwin. This includes individuals with severe medical conditions, complex disabilities, chronic illnesses, or those requiring specialised nursing care due to multiple health issues. We work closely with individuals, their families, and healthcare professionals to assess eligibility and develop personalised care plans. 

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Our Comprehensive Complex Care Services Include

  • Skilled nursing care tailored to complex needs
  • Medication management and administration
  • Wound care and dressing changes
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Management of medical equipment and devices
  • Coordinating with healthcare professionals and specialists
  • Emotional support and guidance for individuals and families
  • Respite care services to provide temporary relief for caregivers
  • Ongoing monitoring and assessment of care needs 

Why Choose Horizon Community Services for Complex Care?

  • Experienced and Compassionate Team: Our skilled team of nurses has extensive experience in providing complex care and understands the unique needs of individuals with complex conditions.
  • Person-Centred Approach: We believe in tailoring our complex care services to the specific needs and preferences of each individual, ensuring personalised and compassionate support.
  • Collaborative Care: We work closely with healthcare professionals, specialists, and families to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for individuals with complex needs.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Our goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with complex care requirements by providing exceptional care, support, and guidance.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive complex care services and how we can support you or your loved one’s unique needs. Together, we can provide the specialised care and assistance needed for a better quality of life.