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Horizon Community Services celebrates successful staff training session

HCS successful staff training session

Horizon Community Services (HCS) recently held a successful staff training session, which is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to learning and growth. All training that HCS provides is aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of staff, and ultimately delivering the best possible services to clients with special needs.

A valuable opportunity for staff to learn and grow

The training session was a valuable opportunity for staff to learn new skills and knowledge, and it was clear that everyone was fully engaged and committed to improving their practice. The administrative staff put on an excellent presentation, and the HCS Support Stars received recognition for consistently showing up and being willing to step up when needed.

HCS is proud of its staff’s dedication to their work and looks forward to building on this success by continuing to invest in staff training and development. The company’s commitment to learning and improving skills is a core part of its mission to provide high-quality care for people with special needs.

Congratulations to all involved in the successful training session, and to the staff at HCS for their ongoing commitment to learning and growth!

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